Irix Lens has announced the availability of its new Irix Edge ND32000 neutral density filter. This new model is a more powerful alternative to the company's ND 1000 filter, offering a whopping 4.5 optical density and 15-stops of light reduction, which Irix says allows for up to five minutes of exposure at F16 and ISO 100 on a sunny day.

The Irix ND32000, which is available now for 160 EUR (~$200 USD), is made with NANO-coated optical glass that is waterproof and oil-resistant. The filter has a 95mm x 1.0 thread for screwing it onto a lens to prevent light leakage, as well as a 3.5mm frame thickness without thread.

According to Irix's website, the ND32000 is compatible with the Irix Blackstone and Firefly 15mm F2.4 lenses.