Kodak Moments (a division of Kodak Alaris) has introduced the M1 Order Station, a scalable photo-printing kiosk designed to enable the average consumer to easily print photos from their phone, a USB drive, or an SD card. As demonstrated by Kodak in the video above, the M1 Order Station can be scaled from a small desktop station to a full standing kiosk to meet the needs of different retailers.

Though photo-printing kiosks used to be commonly found in big box and convenience stores, these machines have become scarce amid the rise of digital photography and online printing services. Kodak is aiming to change that with its printing kiosks.

The new M1 Order Station is described as a ‘seamless’ solution featuring the Kodak Moments retail software version 9.0, which presents users with printing options via a 13" touchscreen. Retailers can pair the station with the Kodak 305 printer countertop enclosure, the 305 print station cabinet, or the 305 printer booster with a print catcher.

In addition to memory cards and USB drives, customers can download the Kodak Moments app to directly print images from a smartphone using WiFi, Bluetooth, or a physical connection cable. The system supports printing 4x6, 5x7, and 6x8 prints, as well as photo cards, collages, and ‘DIY products.’ A brochure fully detailing the M1 Order Station is available here [PDF].