Hipstamatic has released a Tintype SnapPak that takes the retro mobilography fad to a new level of old school. 

The in-app add-on includes the Tinto 1884 Lens, the D-Type Plate Film and C-Type Plate Film for $0.99. 

The new lens was created to replicate the shallow depth of field of the metal photographic prints made popular in the 19th century. Hipstamatic co-founder Ryan Dorshorst also shared on the company's blog today that his developers used iOS’s face detection technology to ensure the final look emphasizes a subject's face and eyes.

Both films were also inspired by the photographic technology of the 1800s, with the D-Type producing a textured black & white image, and the C-Type creating a hand-painted cyanotype look. 

Hipstamatic warns the Tintype process will take longer to "develop," and that the latest version of the Hipstamatic app is required to download it.