As part of his video series, 'We're the People,' filmmaker Myles Matsuno highlights different people, their stories and their passions. One of Matsuno's subjects is photographer Terry Fouche. In the video below, Fouche explains why he loves photography, and much of what he says is very relatable.

In the video, Fouche says he first started photography by playing with his grandfather's camera as a kid. Fouche was never skilled with drawing or painting, but he wanted to have a creative outlet, so photography was a natural choice. 'I began to realize that if you looked up, you can see things,' Fouche says. 'If you looked down, you can see things. Backward. In front of you. Sideways. Most often, we just walk in one direction, and that's all we look at.'

Fouche says he has always wanted to capture something in a way others can enjoy. 'Capturing a single frame in a moment, I love to do,' Fouche says. He looks for gestures in a photo. When he photographs people, Fouche looks for 'that little moment,' the moments that make a photograph interesting.

Photography is a powerful tool, and Fouche uses it to connect with people. Fouche says in the video above, "A day will come when maybe I can't pick up a camera anymore. And when that day comes, and people look at what I left behind, I want them to say, 'This person loved people. This person respected people. This person honored people, and we can see it in their photographs." It's a beautiful sentiment, and it shines through in his work.

Terry Fouche is a photographer and pastor living in California. He's originally from South Africa. He has done high-end commercial work and portraiture, but a continuous theme throughout his portfolio is his connection with people.

As pointed out by PetaPixel, Terry Fouche is not a famous artist, but he is an incredibly successful one when measured by how meaningful their art is. Fouche is a talented photographer, but at the end of the day, it seems like he measures his success in terms of the connections he builds with people. He just happens to do that using his camera.

To learn more about Terry Fouche, you can visit his church's website and follow him on Instagram. Terry Fouche's work can also be viewed at blu Prints Gallery. To view more episodes in Matsuno's 'We're the People' series, visit his YouTube channel.