We totally understand when a company like Instagram wants to protect its brand name, but some new guidelines seem to be putting the squeeze on the very apps that helped turn Instagram into a $1 billion Facebook acquisition.

Instagram has a long list of dos and don'ts under its Using Instagram Brand Assets guidelines. New to this list are rules and regulations for app developers. Within those regulations, Instagram says, you can associate the app with Instagram by using the naming convention "[Your App Name] for Instagram" but the name cannot contain any of the following: "Instagram,"  "Insta," "Gram" or "IG." Of course, there are restrictions as to how Instagram logos can be used as well (in short, don't use them in a connected app's icon).

Adding "for Instagram" to an app's name may work for Instagram, but what about the apps that built their own brand by integrating the now forbidden "Insta" or "Gram" into their names? Some app developers — including the ones that helped Instagram become so popular — must now either adapt (and lose the brand name they worked so hard for) or face the consequences. 

Is this a case of corporate bullying or a smart move on Instagram's part to protect its brand?