Olympus Europe has partnered with photographer Fernando Marmolejo to share an in-depth guide on how to clean and disinfect both non-weather-sealed and weather-sealed camera systems. While this is clearly an advertisement of sorts for Olympus camera systems, it’s also an insightful guide on how you can keep your gear as clean as possible, especially during a global pandemic.

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The nearly eight-minute-long video is entirely in Spanish, so you’ll want to turn on translated subtitles if you don’t speak the language. Language barriers aside though, this is one of the most in-depth guides on cleaning cameras we’ve come across.

The thought of using actual soap and water on a camera — even a weather-sealed camera — can be daunting, but Marmolejo’s guide breaks down how you can do just that without breaking your gear. And, as helpful and sincere as the guide is, there’s also a bit of humor splashed in throughout the guide.

It’s worth noting that even when following this guide, there is a risk for damage and the possibility you’ll void your camera’s warranty, so proceed with extreme caution, regardless of how weather-sealed your camera is.

[Update, Aug 18th, 4pm PT] The video appears to have been made private.