Western Digital has taken the wraps off a set of new wireless backup drives called My Cloud Home at IFA 2017. Building upon its previous My Cloud wireless drive, the new Home product combines an updated design with a better app experience that promises to make it easy to manage content from anywhere with an Internet connection.

WD is also offering a My Cloud Home Duo option that automatically duplicates content onto a secondary backup drive.

As the product's name suggests, the Western Digital My Cloud Home is designed to function similar to traditional cloud backup services, though the consumer owns and controls the physical drive onto which their data is stored. Data can be synced to the My Cloud Home drive from a variety of sources—including phones, USB drives, and social media accounts—and the companion mobile app lets you remotely access and share the stuff you've stored.

From an aesthetic perspective, the updated wireless drives shed the previous models' rounded, somewhat clinical look and replace it with an angular, more artistically inclined design that's more "art deco" than "ar[n']t you going to hide this somewhere?" With the aforementioned Home Duo option, a pair of drives are configured in Mirror Mode RAID 1 for duplication, ensuring there is a copy of the data should one of the drives fail.

The My Cloud Home is available now in capacities ranging from 2TB to 8TB, and the My Cloud Home Duo in capacities from 4TB to 16TB. Prices are listed below.

My Cloud Home

  • 2TB: $160
  • 3TB: $180
  • 4TB: $200
  • 6TB: $260
  • 8TB: $320

My Cloud Home Duo

  • 4TB: $310
  • 8TB: $400
  • 12TB: $550
  • 16TB: $700