We are very much used to information about new products being leaked before the launch date, and especially so in the case of smartphones and other tech. However, the case of the upcoming Google Pixel 3 device is somewhat special.

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It looks like several pre-production units were stolen from Google and are being sold on the black market. One device made its way to Russian tech site Mobile Review, which produced a fully-fledged hands-on review - of a device that hasn't even been launched yet.

Google Pixel 3 camera options, image: Mobile Review

Thanks to leak and article we now know the Pixel 3 will come with a 12.2MP single-camera - at a time when most direct rivals feature dual-camera setups and, in the case of the Huawei P20 Pro, even a triple camera. There is also an 8MP dual front-camera.

Camera performance on previous Pixel model was excellent, thanks to Google's outstanding software processing, and we should again expect class-leading detail and dynamic range from the new Google device. However, without a secondary tele-lens the Pixel is likely going to struggle against some competitors in the zoom department.

Google Pixel 3 camera user interface, image: Mobile Review

The camera user interface shown in the Mobile Review article is also different to the current version. Shooting modes are now listed above the shutter button instead of in a menu. You can cycle through Panorama, Portrait, Camera, and Video modes. You can also access Google Lens, Slow Motion video, and Photo Sphere through a More icon.

"Beautification" in Portrait mode can now be set to Natural and Soft face-retouching in addition to switching it off altogether and there is a new "Google Lens suggestions" mode.

The Mobile Review article is in Russian but you'll find plenty of product images and even camera samples on the page, if you'd like to check image quality yourself. The final device is expected to be launched some time in October.