A collection of Jack Dykinga’s Press Passes from his years in Photojournalism.
Photo by Jack Dykinga

Jack Dykinga's career started in photojournalism during the Civil Rights Movement in the US during the 1960's and 70's. Despite winning a Pulitzer Prize during his tenure at the Chicago Sun-Times, he's never allowed himself to get too comfortable with one style. He later shifted his focus to fine art and landscape photography, a career move that's not too common among photojournalists.

Arizona State Trust land near Redrock, AZ with summer monsoon storm, flashes of lightning and a partial rainbow over the saguaro cacti in the Sonoran Desert Arizona. Photo by Jack Dykinga

He's now offering a retrospective on his unique career in his book 'A Photographer's Life'. His recent interview with Resource Travel also reveals some interesting insights. He has this to say about finding success in any field of photography:

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'I’m a tried and true pro and I know exactly what buttons to push and what I need to do to capture the story, but it still boils down to your impression, your curiosity, what it is that piques your interest. That varies from photographer to photographer. From that, you apply your set of skills and your style artistically — so you’re doing both journalism and art at the same time. That’s the most successful type of photography.'

Yosemite National Park, CAL/Bridalveil Falls pours into Yosemite Valley’s coniferous forest under shroud of fog. California, 1987 Photo by Jack Dykinga

The full interview over at Resource Travel is well worth your time. Do Dykinga's words ring true for you? Let us know in the comments.