Irix has announced the details of its new 45mm F1.4 manual lens for full-frame camera systems.

The lens was originally teased as a prototype way back in 2017 at The Photography Show. Last year, a cine version of the lens was released, but the still photography version remained to be seen, until today.

The 45mm F1.4 lens is based around Irix’s Dragonfly design technology, which uses an aluminum-magnesium alloy and composite elements to create a lightweight, but sturdy design that’s weather-resistant thanks to multiple gaskets throughout the lens. The focus ring has a 140-degree throw, a focus-lock feature and offers laser-engraved markings with luminescent paint for easier viewing in low-light environments.

No launch date or pricing information is available at this time. When the 45mmm F1.4 lens does launch, it will be available for Canon EF, Nikon F and Pentax K camera systems. We have contacted Irix to request more information and will update this article accordingly if and when we receive a response.