New and unique in the world of light modifiers, Aputure have announced its new Spotlight. This unit interfaces with their range of C.O.B. lights, including the recently announced 120D MK II.

After the recent reveal at NAB 2019, more details have emerged for this unique light modifier. There are three lenses available at launch—19°, 26° and 36—each of which are user interchangeable to give either wider coverage or more pinpoint accuracy. This, together with the iris and shutter, allow more flexible creative options in shaping the beam.

Key features

  • Bowens mount to interface with Aputure's 120D, 120D Mk II and 300D lights.
  • Available with a 19°, 26° or 36° lens.
  • Dual slots for included Gobo frame and gel holder or optional iris.
  • Internal shutters for precise beam shaping.
  • Lightweight aluminum die-cast alloy construction.
  • Dual Junior/Baby mount.
  • Includes B size Gobos
Precision lenses reduce chromatic aberrations and fall off

The Spotlight uses newly developed lenses to minimize color fringing at the edges of the projected beam circle down to less than 1 mm at 0.5 m. The new high resolution optics give 10x the native light output when used with a 120 D Mark II. This is combined with minimal light fall off and a color shift of less than 200° Kelvin.

The dual mount system also enables the spotlight to be mounted easily on C stands in the field or under slung on the lighting grid in the studio. Below is a quick video from Newsshooter detailing the new Aputure Spotlight:

The Aputure Spotlight is available to pre-order (Adorama, B&H) with one of the three lenses for $499. The lenses are also available separately at $259 (Adorama, B&H), as is the optional iris at $99 (Adorama, B&H). The Aputure Spotlight and accessories are expected to ship mid-May.