A factory worker inside Canon’s Utsunomiya factory (not one affected by these closures) works on a telephoto prime lens.

Update (March 4, 2020): DPReview has learned new information that contradicts the initial report from Nikkei. According to a Canon spokesperson, Canon Inc 'has proactively suspended production in three of its manufacturing group companies located in Japan due to expected delivery delay of parts from suppliers in China.'

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This new information notes only three facilities have suspended production, whereas Nikkei reported five facilities. We have asked for clarification on what three facilities the new information is referring to, but are still waiting to receive a response. We have updated the headline to reflect this new information.

The Canon spokesperson finished their email by saying 'The impact of the coronavirus on Canon’s products is currently under investigation. Once we have a better understanding of the specific impact to our products, we will provide updated information as necessary.'

Canon has announced it will be suspending operations at five of its plants on Japan’s Kyushu island due to supply shortages from China caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The five factories, located in the Oita, Miyazaki and Nagasaki prefectures, produce cameras and other photographic gear. The manufacturing facilities will shut down from March 2 to March 13, with Nikkei (translated) reporting these missed production days will be made up at a later time in the year when the supply of parts is more stable.

DPReview has contacted Canon for more details on what products these closures will affect. We will update this article accordingly if we receive a response.