In an interview with French photography blog Mizuwari, Nicolas Gillet, director of marketing and communication for Nikon France, revealed a number of interesting tidbits regarding Nikon's new Z-mount and the new opportunities it affords Nikon's optical engineers.

According to Gillet in the transcribed interview, Nikon optical engineers have calculated that the Nikon Z-mount is theoretically capable of supporting autofocus lenses with apertures as large as F0.65.

This comes as a stark contrast to the physical F1.4 limitation of the Nikon F-mount.

Gillet also explains the Noct-Nikkor 56mm F0.95 is a testament to what glass Nikon could, in theory, create for its new full-frame mirrorless mount, but makes no mention of future lenses not already on Nikon's lens roadmap it unveiled alongside the Nikon Z7 and Z6 launch event.

The interview is available in full on Mizuwari (translated).

Update (11/14/18): A previous version of this article incorrectly stated the physical limitations of the Canon EF mount. It has been corrected.