A free new Photoshop plugin from Infinite Tools adds an endless stream of jokes and puns to your workflow. Called 'Infinite Jokes,' the plugin was inspired by a recent request for jokes from viewers made by image retoucher Pratik Naik of Infinite Tools, he explained in his unveiling of the new plugin. The tool is a bit more sophisticated than merely showing jokes; it also enables users to rate the quality of the puns and to submit their own.

Infinite Jokes is, according to Infinite Tools, 'A sassy panel that tells you the best PS jokes and openly judges you as you work!' One example of a joke presented by the panel is:

Plastic surgery is like retouching. When it's bad, it's really bad. When it's good, you won't even know.

The jokes were submitted by the photo-editing community, which can continue to contribute jokes for inclusion in the plugin. Infinite Tools says users are able to choose whether the jokes are presented in the voice of a man or woman, as well as the accent used.

Every joke is presented alongside credit to the person who submitted it. In addition to rating the joke, users are also able to view the top jokes rated by users from around the world via the Infinite Tools website.

Because everyone has their own limitations and sensibilities, the company has also enabled plugin users to decide what type of jokes they want to hear -- whether they want the jokes to be restricted only to ones that are funny, or to skew more toward the 'mean' end of the mood spectrum.

Users can also choose how often new jokes are spoken by the Infinite Jokes panel, with options ranging from every 15 seconds to twice an hour.

The plugin only works in Photoshop CC 2019 or newer and it requires an online connection to work. The Infinite Jokes plugin is free to download from the Infinite Tools website here.

Via: PetaPixel