Filmmakers who need really long sliders are the target of the new Magic Carpet Pro, the latest in a series of sliders announced by accessories manufacturer Syrp. The key selling point of the Magic Carpet Pro is its 'limiteless' range, a feature made possible by a new track lever design that allow users to lengthen their slide by simply clicking additional lengths of track into place—no tools required.

But that's not all the Magic Carpet Pro can do.

A newly designed flywheel sits inside the camera carriage, eliminating the need for belts and pulleys while creating smooth motion during manually controlled camera movements. And as with all of Syrp's other slider systems, automated motion control can be added via a Genie system; in fact, the Genie ll is able to slot directly into the new quick release holder in the carriage itself.

The tracks are made from aluminum, and are expected to manage a payload of up to 70lbs when no extension tracks are in use, and up to 50lb when they are. Here's a quick video intro from Syrp itself:

The Syrp Magic Carpet Pro can be pre-ordered now for May/June delivery, with kit prices ranging from $990 to $1470. Three kits will be available, including one with a two foot ‘Short Track’, one with a 'Medium Track' of three feet, and a third that includes both the short and the medium tracks to create a combined five foot slider.

For more information, visit the Syrp website.