The intelligent Rylo 360° camera is now compatible with Android

The impressive little Rylo 360° camera got a ton of attention when it debuted late last year, but unfortunately, the camera was iOS-only at launch. That all changes today with the release of Rylo for Android.

The Rylo 360° camera comes with two 208° lenses, 4K video resolution, and auto-stabilization technology, but most of its magic comes from software. The corresponding smartphone app lets you edit and "direct" your videos after capture: you can set specific focal points or select objects to be tracked before exporting or sharing the final product, making it an interesting option for any budding 360-degree video maker.

Apart from a new companion Android app, the new Android compatibility simply means a different syncing cable. Otherwise, the camera itself and all of the accessories in the box are the same as the iOS model.

As it is often the case with Android accessories, though, the Rylo doesn't work with just any Android device. Rylo says the camera is compatible with most Android phones running Android 6.0 or newer, but its list of recommended devices includes mainly recent Samsung and Google high-end smartphones. Also listed are a few devices that are supported but don't have the processing power to export 4K 360-degree video.

If you are an Android user and want to try Rylo for yourself, it's now available for $500 from the Rylo website. And if you want to see why we called Rylo "a 360° camera done right," click the big blue button below:

Review: Rylo is a 360° Camera Done Right

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They also paid some fake reviews but then who doesn't?

Mar 4, 2018
ZC Lee
ZC Lee

Does it compatible with Galaxy S9+?

Mar 4, 2018

It's a shame it doesn't support my V20. Rylo is not gonna get my order then.

Mar 3, 2018
Zoom Zoom Zoom

This is a beautifully designed camera featuring average hardware, spectacular software and a price that is more than double what it should be. When they upgrade the actual camera internals, reduce the price to half and polish the software further, this is definitely the consumer 360 camera to get. As it is now and for how much it costs, it makes no sense. The Insta360 One for less than half has better IQ, about 90% of the stabilization performance, much better editing software and available features and shooting modes and costs less than half.

This said, the Rylo is really a nice camera.. I can even forgive them for the unfortunate fake reviews scandal they try to pull off even before the camera was released. Utter stupidity and idiotic timing just to make their BS even a bit more obvious. I look forward to hardware v2 of this camera.

Mar 3, 2018*

can't blame them, they used to this fake method ofworking they used to work for the former company.
so naturally....

WAIT TILL its ready to be edited in PC then we can buy it.
As now, all editing MUST be done in a phone...

Mar 13, 2018
otto k

Hilarious - S6 and Note 5 which have no issues whatsoever with 4k 360 video from other 360 cameras do not have enough processing resources. ROFL

Mar 2, 2018

probably because no 360 camera does stabilization of the same quality as the rylo

Mar 2, 2018
Alex Velasco

Big yellow button.

Mar 2, 2018

I clicked the big blue to find your redirect here to the yellow button. DPR racking up clicks !!!!!

Mar 2, 2018
Mar 3, 2018