Have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you press your DSLR's shutter button? Many of us know the theory, we may have even seen (or made) diagrams and GIFs showing how the standard mechanical shutter works. But for this video, YouTuber Chris Marquardt actually yanked the shutter out of a Nikon D500 to show you the mechanism IRL.

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The demonstration is pretty simple, showing you how the two spring-loaded curtains move across the frame, and revealing the electromagnets that keep them in place when the curtains are cocked.

"The first and second curtain are both cocked against spring tension and held back by electro magnets," explains Marquardt. "When it's time to fire the shutter, the electronics release the first curtain, then after the exposure time is up, the second curtain." It's definitely an interesting demo if you enjoy these kind of tear downs, although you might want to turn the volume down... or off. As our own Richard Butler put it, the music "makes me want to rip my sound card out of my computer and destroy it." Okay then...

Once you've watched the video (sound card intact, we hope), click the button below to read our more comprehensive dive into all things shutter related.

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