Visitors to are being greeted with a pop-up that teases a big announcement scheduled for September 13th. Though the company hasn't revealed what exactly it has planned, the various teaser messages heavily hint that the announcement will involve film.

Speculation abounds at the moment—including everything from expectations that Polaroid will begin producing its own chemical instant film again, to a possible announcement that Impossible Project's film will be sold under the Polaroid name—and not without cause. The pop-up scrolls through several statements, including one that reads, "The most complex set of man-made chemical reactions ever. Coming September 13."

Yet another states, "Analog Dreams," and another, "SX-70. OS. 600. Spectra. 8x10. Join the dots on September 13."

Earlier this year, Polaroid announced that Wiaczeslaw Smolokowski, The Impossible Project's majority shareholder, had acquired its owner PLR IP Holdings, giving the Smolokowski family both the Polaroid brand and intellectual property. The Impossible Project has been working on bringing analog film back from the dead for years, and it's hard to imagine the timing of Polaroid's teaser is a coincidence.

The Impossible Project currently offers a few different types of film under the Impossible brand through its website, including SX-70, Spectra, and 600. It is possible we could see this film being sold under the Polaroid name in the near future... or a whole new type of film may be announced by Polaroid itself.

The cards do indicate that something bigger than just film is in the works, though, possibly hinting at big changes in how the two companies do business.