Nikon has released firmware version 1.01 for the D7200. The latest software version fixes a few issues, including static that could be heard in videos recorded using external HDMI recorders, an incorrectly displayed firmware version number in the Setup Menu, an issue with displaying February 29th in leap years and exposure compensation failure that sometimes happened when using in-camera Raw processing.

The full changelog reads:

Fixed the following issues:

  • Selecting Firmware version in the SETUP MENU would not display “C X.XX L X.XXX”.
  • About 4 seconds of static could be heard on audio recorded with external HDMI recorders during movie live view.
  • Exposure compensation would fail to produce the desired results if a negative value was selected when NEF (RAW) images were processed using the NEF (RAW) processing option in the RETOUCH MENU.
  • February 29th would sometimes not display correctly in leap years.


  • Updating to firmware version 1.01 resets menu settings for cameras with firmware that displays as “A X.XX”, “B X.XX”, “L X.XXX”, “D X.XX”, “L X.XX”, or the like. We recommend that you save settings before performing the update.

The firmware can be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS from Nikon's Support website.