UK camera store Wex Photo Video celebrated its 25th anniversary and World Photography Day in a fun, unique way. Wex established a pop-up shop on top of Moel Hebog in Snowdonia, Wales. At 783m (2,569') above sea level in a remote area, it is easily the most remote camera shop in the world, even if only for a short period of time. Wex says it's the UK's most remote camera store. The small pop-up store sells a range of gear and provides photographers with helpful advice.

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When Wex announced the pop-up store, the retailer said, 'Wex Photo Video builds the UK’s most remote camera store to go the extra mile for those seeking the perfect photo.' Wex had to go the extra mile to get the store operational in such a remote location and worked with Sony to make it happen.

If you find yourself in Snowdonia, it's well worth stopping by the shop, even if to say you visited. You may even receive some excellent advice to help you capture Snowdonia's beauty while you're there.

If you're unable to visit but still want to improve your photography skills, Wex's YouTube channel features online classes and gear walkthroughs.

Of the pop-up store in Snowdonia, Wex Photo Video's marketing director, Paul Wareham, said, 'Our research and website data shows that capturing better content is more of a focus than ever before. We wanted to match the epic efforts that are going towards capturing the perfect pictures, and with our most remote camera store on Moel Hebog, we’re able to provide quality equipment and expertise to help customers capture the pictures they want.'

Wex also revealed that this year, it's seen a 45 percent increase in the sales of pre-owned cameras compared to last year. Drone sales are up 74 percent in the last six months. In the last year, 60 percent of Brits have invested in new photography equipment, which is a staggering figure.