The powerful editing tools can be found in KitKat's native photo gallery app.

Google has given a sweet treat to photographers in its new KitKat operating system. Android 4.4 will be shipping with a non-destructive photo editing feature in the native Gallery app. From what we've seen of the software so far, it appears to offer a huge collection of some of the most advanced editing tools available on any mobile photography apps.

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Definitely putting its purchase of Nik to good use, Google seems to have taken all of the features of Snapseed and added other entry-level tools from Nik's desktop software, mixing it all together and wrapping it in a fresh user interface for mobile devices.

Android developer Nicolas Roard worked on the project. On his Google+ page, he revealed some of the new features:

The editor is pretty powerful, works on tablet and phones, handles full-size image processing, zooming, re-edit, image exports, user presets, etc. This new version also adds more powerful specialized tools (graduated filters, per-channel saturation controls, local adjustments, etc.) 

Roard also shared a video that shows off the new features. In the video, you can see that the software definitely includes some of Snapseed's features, including Nik's U-Point technology for selective editing. Watch it below to spot the many new tools for Android photographers.