DJI has released the latest device in their OM series of 3-axis gimbals for smartphones. Compact, lightweight, and roughly one-third smaller in size than its predecessor, the OM 5 also boasts a new ShotGuides feature, an upgrade to Active Track 4.0, a built-in extension rod, and upgraded phone clamp. It comes in two colors: Athens Gray and Sunset White.

DJI says their 3-axis stabilization technology helps users create steady footage, plus some unique effects, with a few taps. A newly designed smartphone clamp fits more models compared to the OM 4. A new 215mm extension rod helps users create more versatile shots, including low-angle shots. An additional button on the handle allows users to access and activate more features.

DJI created the OM 5 with aspiring videographers in mind. A ShotGuides feature offers up to 30 sets of predetermined shooting tutorials in app. It will automatically stitch the clips together, and add music, for a polished final product. ActiveTrack 4.0 allows users to track subjects in a video at up to 3X zoom with speeds up to 5 m/s (11 mph). This feature will allow you to follow the subject and keep in centered in the frame, even if you're moving too.

Powered by DJI's Mimo app, the OM 5 also offers up the following features:

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Gesture Control: Hold your palm up or make a 'V' shape with your hand to start a video clip or take a photo. This is ideal for taking a selfie or group photo without the need for a timer.

DynamicZoom: Based on the 'the vertigo effect' made popular by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, this mode allows you to move toward or away from a subject while the background shifts.

Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse: speed up a clip using Timelapse or Motionlapse modes. DJI recommends you use the tripod for the best results. Hyperlapse allows you to physically move while capturing a sped-up clip. All three modes use Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology.

Panoramas: there are three different ways to automatically create a panorama. 3x3, 240º, and 'CloneMe'. The latter allows you to capture three versions of a person or subject and then combines them into one shot.

Spin Shot Gimbal Movement: when the gimbal is in video, slow motion, or hyperlapse mode, you can activate this feature in the settings. It will record a shot while your smartphone spins 270º, creating a unique effect.

Story Mode: the OM 5 uses pre-set templates to help you create a dynamic video. You can record, and re-record these clips. It will then stitch them together and add music for a polished and instantly shareable final product.

Glamour Effects: Activated when the front-facing camera is turned on, this supports automatic retouching and gives you a setting than can make you appear thinner, for example.

The OM 5 retails for $159 and comes with a magnetic smartphone clamp, tripod, power cable for charging, wrist strap, and storage pouch. A Fill Light Phone Clamp, with built-in auxiliary light, will be available at a later date for $59. DJI Care Refresh is also available. For a small additional fee, DJI will provide two replacements with the 1-year plan and up to three with a two-year extended warranty plan.