Google today launched the first three installments in a series of experimental photography apps that the company calls 'appsperiments'. The apps build on a range of technologies that are currently under development at Google, including: object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithms or efficient image encoding and decoding technologies.

Storyboard - Android only

The Storyboard app is currently available for Android and converts videos into single-page comic layouts. After shooting a video the app automatically selects interesting video frames, creates a layout, and applies one of six visual styles to the imagery.

And since privacy is a big concern with anything 'intelligent' like this: all of this happens on-device, without sending any data to the cloud.

Selfissimo! - iOS and Android

Selfissimo! is available for iOS devices and Android. Once you activate the app, it automatically captures a black-and-white selfie each time you strike a pose. The app encourages you to pose and captures a photo whenever you stop moving.

You end the 'photoshoot' by tapping on the screen, and can then review a 'contact sheet' to save your favorite images.

Scrubbies - iOS only

Scrubbies is an iOS app and allows you to adjust the playback speed and direction of videos, as well as create looping clips. The idea is to shoot a video using the app and then 'remix' it by 'scratching' on the screen like a DJ would do with vinyl.

Scrubbing with one finger plays the video. Scrubbing with two fingers captures the playback so you can save or share it.

If you try one or more of these so-called appsperiments, you can send your feedback to Google via in-app feedback links. More information about each of these creations is available on the Google Research Blog.