In addition to bringing back the legendary Biotar 75mm F1.5 lens via its new Kickstarter campaign, company Oprema has also announced plans to resurrect the Biotar 58mm F2.0 lens originally made by Carl Zeiss. Though the company doesn't anticipate launching the Biotar 58 lens until late 2018, the company is offering pre-production models of the 58 in bundles with the Biotar 75mm lens via the latter's Kickstarter campaign.

Originally reported by PhotoRumors, and later confirmed in an official announcement, the special pre-production Biotar 58 lenses will feature serial numbers ranging from 1 to 58. The two-lens bundle will require a pledge of $2,000 USD, which is a whopping $2,500 USD lower than the planned retail cost of the two lenses combined. Not bad for a Kickstarter discount.

Assuming everything goes according to plan, Oprema plans to launch the Biotar 75 lens next summer at a retail cost of $2,500 USD, whereas the Biotar 58 will arrive a few months later at a lower $2,000 USD.

The Biotar 58mm lens will be offered in Nikon, Canon, Leica M, Fuji X, Sony E, and M42 mounts, and represents Oprema's second foray into the market of remaking classic lenses.

To find out more or put down a pledge, head over to the Biotar Kickstarter campaign. There are still 49 Biotar bundles left as of this writing.