When you're traveling, it's always a good idea to scope out shooting locations ahead of time. Here to help is a newly launched online service called PhotoSpots. With PhotoSpots, photographers can find so-called 'photography hotspots' highlighted around the globe using Google Maps and the image hosting website 500px. The service was created by photographer Mike Wong, who recently detailed his creation on Reddit.

'I thought that it would be interesting to see where and when other photographers were taking photos,' Wong explained in his Reddit post, 'so I decided to create a small website that shows exactly that.' The photography hotspots are presented as a heat map, with red areas representing heavily photographed regions. A bar beneath the map shows thumbnails for images taken in a particular region and uploaded to 500px.

Clicking PhotoSpots' menu icon opens a slider that filters photos by month, while hovering over a specific photo thumbnail reveals the precise location it was taken via the map. "I'm also planning to make a filter for categories (e.g. nature, cities etc.) to make it more personalizable,' said Wong, though he didn't provide a timeframe for when that feature will be added.

Via: PetaPixel