The leaked X-T100 is basically an X-A5 with an EVF, 3-way tilting touchscreen, and a deeper buffer.

Fujifilm EU accidentally leaked a complete specs page for an upcoming camera: the Fuji X-T100. The page was discovered by Nokishita and saved for posterity before it was removed, and though none of the sample images or photos of the camera survived, we basically got a rundown of what looks to be a Fuji X-A5 with a few extra features.

Nokishita is a reliable source of leaks, typically publishing accurate specs and even product images a few days to a week before a product is announced.

Taking a look at the full X-T100 specs (here), the leak seems legitimate to us here at DPReview. The camera shares most of its specs with the X-A5. The 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor (with a bayer array) is the same, as is the max video resolution (4K/15p max), the touchscreen resolution (3-inch 1.04M dot), and the continuous shooting speed max of 6fps.

Unlike the X-A5 shown above, the X-T100 touchscreen will reportedly tilt three ways.

Where the X-T100 distinguishes itself is with a deeper buffer (thanks to "newly equipped powerful memory"), 3-way adjustable touchscreen, and a built-in EVF.

The EVF will be the big selling point, but the deeper buffer—30 JPEG frames at 6fps or unlimited at 3fps for the X-T100, compared to only 10 frames at 6fps and 50 at 3fps for the X-A5—and adjustable touchscreen are definitely nice additions as well. Finally, while video resolution hasn't been improved, maximum recording time has. 4K15p and 1080/60p can both be recorded up to "approximately 30 minutes." For comparison, the X-A5 maxes out at 5 minutes of 4K15p and 14 minutes of 1080/60p.

Of course, it's not all good news. The battery life has suffered a bit—dropping to 430 from the X-A5's 450 while using the same NP-W126S battery pack—and the whole thing weighs almost 100g more than the X-A5. Trade-offs no doubt necessary in order to add that "powerful memory" and the EVF hardware.

According to Fuji Rumors, the X-T100 is scheduled for official announcement on Thursday May 24th. If that's indeed the case, you can be sure we'll bring you detailed announcement coverage next week. In the meantime, you can find the (translated) Nokishita leak here with links to the cached spec sheet and product page.