The Fotopro selfie stick comes with built-in controls.

Selfie-sticks for taking smartphone self-portraits from higher angles and farther away than your arms would otherwise allow appear to be all the rage at Photokina 2014, with most accessory makers having at least one model on display. Chinese manufacturer Fotopro is no exception and its QP-906R selfie-stick even comes with built-in controls that allow for triggering your phone's shutter by pressing a button on the stick's hand grip. Connection to your smartphone is established via Bluetooth.

The phone mount looks pretty sturdy and is adjustable to different device sizes. On the back there is a wide-angle mirror for checking the framing before you actually capture an image.

The smartphone mount is adjustable and sits on a ball-head.
The grip is ergonomically shaped.

Fotopro also has an iPhone case on offer that allows you to attach a variety of lenses including a fish-eye and 12x tele-lens and a video light to your iPhone. The case itself is a little bulky and things don't get better with lenses and light attached but the system certainly provides some flexibility in terms of focal length and the light should be extremely helpful when recording video in dim conditions.

The 12x tele-lens for iPhone is quite bulky.
With lenses and video light the iPhone case s getting close to DSLR dimensions.