7Artisans is set to launch a new macro lens in a range of mounts from MFT to APS-C in May this year, according to Photo Rumors. Details are a little thin on the ground, but what is known so far is that the lens will cost in the region of $200 and will have a close-focus distance of 65mm.

The maximum aperture will be F2.8 and with the help of an optional extension tube users can expect to achieve 5x magnification for extreme macro photography. The website says the lens will be available in Sony E, Canon EF-M, Fujifilm X and Micro Four Thirds mounts and we should expect it to arrive in May of this year.

The 60mm focal length is a popular choice for photographers using cameras with APS-C sensors, as the angle of view achieved is similar to that of the classic 90mm macro on a full frame system. Mounted on a Micro Four Thirds model however the focal length will seem much more like a 120mm. For more information keep an eye on the 7Artisans website where it will probably pop up a little closer to the launch date, or during the CP+ show starting today, where the lens may well be exhibited.