Hong Kong-based company miniorenji has introduced a new camera mounting product called ‘mini Plaster Hand.’ Unlike tripods, mini Plaster Hand is a camera mount on a belt designed to strap around rails and poles for steady shots in areas where tripods are inconvenient or banned. The mount can be used with or without a ball head.

Mini Plaster Hand is designed for use with all camera types, according to miniorenji, including point-and-shoot, mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The model is equipped with a flat plate and 1/4-inch screw; the plate can be placed on flat surfaces or strapped onto rails using the belt. When strapped onto a rail, a camera bag or other weighty item can be attached to the belt strap as a counterbalance weight. Mini Plaster Hand weighs 103g / 3.6oz and measures 60mm wide x 82mm high x 12mm deep (2.4 x 3.2 x 0.5-inches).

Minioreji is seeking funding for production on Indiegogo, where you can pledge $40 for a mini Plaster Hand unit and 1.2kg ball head.

Via: Indiegogo