Kolektio is a new app that aims to simplify the process of sharing images from an event, party or any other 'moment' among friends. Users can create privately shared image albums, so-called moments, in the app and then invite others to either contribute to the album or view the images. Kolektio lets you pick contributors or viewers from your list of phone contacts. Those who decide to contribute can opt either for automatic upload of all images taken during the event, or select to approve images for upload first. 

Images are stored in the cloud but those who have a premium account also get the option to download them locally to their device. Users of the free version of the app can create unlimited moments, upload unlimited images and share with an unlimited number of friends. However, collections are limited to between 256MB and 1GB. According to the Kolektio website, a Basic and Premium plan will be available soon which will allow for collections of 2GB and 5GB size respectively. Basic will cost you €2.99 a year while those who want even more storage have to shell out €5.99 for the Premium plan. 

If you are tired of your friends not uploading their images from your party or other event to a Facebook group or Google Plus album, Kolektio might just be what you've been looking for. There is more information and a link to the iOS download on the Kolektio website. An Android version will be available in the nearer future as well.

Via: PetaPixel