After its recent app update it seems Instagram has further improvements up its sleeve, as the mobile image sharing platform has started storing higher resolution images on its servers. In the app and on the web interface, as before, images are still displayed at the small 640 x 640 pixel size, but a look at the website source code reveals that images are now actually stored at 1080 x 1080 pixels.

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This update is not exactly groundbreaking and the images still won't be suitable for large-format printing in high quality. Services like Flickr or Google Photos are much better suited for those users who want to store images online at high resolution. However, with the screen resolution of mobile devices increasing and Quad-HD screens approaching the norm on high-end devices, this is a welcome change that should improve the viewing experience on many mobile devices with pixel-dense screens once the larger images are actually implemented in the app.

Click on the full-size samples below or have a look at the 100% crops to see the difference in resolution. 

640 x 640 image
1080 x 1080 image
100% crop
100% crop

Source: The Verge