At Adobe MAX in October 2018, Adobe teased Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad, a full-fledged version of Photoshop specifically designed to be used on the iPad's multi-touch screen. Now, Adobe is apparently sending out emails to certain Creative Cloud subscribers inviting them to sign up for a beta version of the program.

Adobe routes signups through a Google Forms page, which asks for just three pieces of information: your email, your full name and the reason you want to try Photoshop CC for iPad. What isn't clear is when invitations will actually be sent out and what all the first beta versions will include.

Adobe Photoshop CC for iPad will be the most thorough and powerful photo editing application Adobe has ever brought to iOS, complete with full multi-layer PSD support, a full Photoshop toolbar, filters, masking, adjustments and Creative Cloud sync so everything stays organized across devices.

We have contacted Adobe for more details regarding the beta invites and beta versions of Photoshop CC for iPad and will update the article accordingly when we hear back.

Update (May 14, 2019): Adobe has responded and informed DPReview that the users who received the email were Creative Cloud subscribers who had expressed interest in learning more information via this page on Adobe's website. An Adobe spokesperson also said there's no definitive timeline for a Photoshop for iPad release but notes that 'General availability of Photoshop on the iPad is coming in 2019.'