Lomography has announced that it's re-releasing its LomoChrome Turquoise Film with a new and improved formula, as well as a 110 format version of the color-shifting film stock.

The first batch of LomoChrome Turquoise Film, which was limited to 5,000 rolls, was released back in 2017. After many requests from film photographers, Lomography is bringing back the experimental ISO 100–400 film, which it calls an ‘intriguing emulsion [that] transforms everyday colors into shades of deep emerald, cobalt and cyan while tints of blue fade into gorgeous golden gradients.’

Although Lomography doesn’t specify how many rolls it’s manufactured this time around, it does say it will be ‘available in limited quantities only’ and ‘won’t be around long.’ This film stock uses standard C-41 processing and is available in 35mm rolls, 120 rolls and, for the first time ever, 110 format.

Below is a sample gallery of images captured with the new LomoChrome Turquoise Film stock, provided by Lomography:

Lomography’s limited-edition runs tend to fly off the proverbial shelves, so if you intend to get your hands on some of this, you might want to do so sooner than later. A single roll of LomoChrome Turquoise Film in 35mm and 120 format film will retail for $12.90, while a single 110 pack will retail for $8.90. You can save 15% by purchasing five- or ten-packs. The first shipments are expected to go out in June 2022. Find out more and place your order on Lomography’s online storefront.

If you're wondering what this film looks and shoots like, Emulsive has a fantastic review of the film (although it's the older, original formula):

Film stock review: LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400 – 35mm and 120 format

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