Marc Silber from Advancing Your Photography continues his interview series with Ansel Adam’s son Michael in this video. Marc visits Ansel’s home and discusses the concept of pre-visualization in photography and Ansel’s writing, workshops and techniques with Michael. 

In the interview, Michael also details what made Ansel’s work so special – my favorite quote from the video comes from Michael as he paraphrases Ansel’s thoughts on his work. Ansel would always say 'It’s not what you see, it’s what I want you to see.' That mindset is really what made Ansel’s photos so dramatic and memorable. He processed them in a way that fulfilled his vision and conveyed the story that he wanted to tell.

This interview also offers an inside look at a few of Ansel’s favorite cameras, and even some of his color work that he completed through a partnership with Kodak. It really is a fascinating look back at some Ansel’s most profound thoughts, teachings and photographs.