Newly leaked photos of the GoPro Hero6 form a Best Buy in Canada. Photo credit: The Verge

Days after the first photo of the upcoming GoPro Hero6 action camera leaked online, showing that the little cam will finally be able to shoot 4K at 60fps, another set of images has appeared after the camera was put up (by mistake, we assume) at a Best Buy in Canada. The photos were sent to tech site The Verge by a tipster who got to see that camera, and the leak reveals two more tantalizing details about the Hero6.

In addition to confirming the 4K 60fps news, the photo shows that the Hero6 will also be able to shoot FullHD 1080p video at 240fps slow motion, and the camera will sell for $650 CAD, or approximately $500 USD when it's released.

The Verge is also reporting that GoPro will no longer use an Ambarella processor from the Hero6 onwards. Instead, the new camera will reportedly contain a custom-built processor known at GoPro as the "GP1," leaving many to hope that this new chip will translate into better battery life and higher performance from GoPro's future models.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is a release date, which was also leaked today. According to Twitter user Konrad Iturbe, who was able to gain access to GoPro's staging website, the announcement/release date is set for September 28th.