An app called NeuralCam Night Photo uses machine learning and computational photography to offer a ‘Night Sight’ mode on the iPhone. The technology works to transform very low-light images into brighter, clearer photos without the need for a tripod using only software.

NeuralCam Night Photo was recently featured on Product Hunt where app creator Alex Camilar had the following to say about the app:

‘Our inspiration for NeuralCam comes from all the various Night Modes available on Android phones, that helped people make brighter and nicer photos in low light settings, whether natural or artificial. We wanted to make the best out of the iPhone's hardware and give it the software spin needed to get its own Night Mode photography update.’

NeuralCam Night Photo can be used in a variety of low-light settings, including for both indoor and outdoor shots, according to Camilar. The entire process is done behind the scenes, meaning NeuralCam should more or less work the same as any other camera app for iOS; compose the scene you want to capture, wait for the app to focus, capture the image, and within a few seconds you should see a much brighter and clearer photo than would otherwise be possible.

A comparison shared by NeuralCam to show the difference between an image shot in the standard iPhone camera app (left) and NeuralCam (right).

The app works by capturing multiple images and processing them using machine learning. This same computational photography approach has been used by Google for its single-camera Pixel smartphones.

NeuralCam Night Photo is available for the iPhone 6 and newer; it requires iOS 12 and is supports both the front and rear cameras on these phones with the exception of the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, which only has rear camera support. A full list of supported image resolutions for each iPhone model can be found on the app's App Store listing, where the product is temporarily discounted to $2.99.