With the 28 and 56mm equivalent lenses of its dual-camera, the iPhone 7 Plus offers more flexibility in terms of focal length than most smartphones. If that's still not enough, the Kamerar ZOOM is now the first lens attachment designed for the iPhone's dual-camera. 

The system includes two lens attachments that slide into a special case and over the iPhone's built-in camera lenses. One combines a fisheye lens for the iPhone's wide-angle camera with a tele-converter for the 56mm lens. The other improves the macro capabilities of both lenses.

In the product images the tiny lenses and the attachment don't have the same premium look as some of the high-end smartphone lenses, for example from Moment or Zeiss. However, at only $45 plus import duties the Kamerar Zoom could be an inexpensive way of widening the creative potential of the iPhone 7 Plus even further. It can now be ordered on the Kamerar website