Nikon's new 28mm F1.4E ED is the latest in a series of wideangle F1.4 primes, and if it's as good as its sister models, we're expecting it to deliver great results. Among the first people to get hold of the then-unreleased lens was wedding photographer and Nikon Ambassador Marko Marinkovic.

Shooting in Marrakech, Marko captured portraits and landscapes, working almost exclusively wide-open at F1.4, with the lens attached to a D5. He has written a blog post detailing his initial findings (images are reproduced here by kind permission).

According to Marinkovic, he favors 28mm because it offers a wide field of view without being unnatural - allowing him 'to fit things into a frame without overflowing it or distorting the corner elements'.

Although the new lens is 'significantly larger and heavier' than the slower 28mm F1.8, Marinkovic found that the build quality of the F1.4 version 'is a great compromise between robustness and weight'.

Marko's verdict on the new lens? 'If you are a professional looking for an upgrade of your old 28 2.8 or 28mm 1.8G – this is the lens to go with'.

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View unprocessed versions of Marko's images on the Nikon website