Lomography has unveiled LomoChrome Metropolis, a product the company claims is the first color film stock to be offered in 35mm, 120, 110, and 16mm options in more than five years. LomoChrome Metropolis is an original color negative emulsion from Lomography that offers very high contrast combined with muted colors for what the company describes as ‘an intense aesthetic pop.’

The LomoChrome Metropolis features an extended 100-400 ISO range alongside a fine cine-style grain, ‘optimized sharpness,’ and compatibility with the C-41 process. The film produces deep blacks and curved highlights, an ‘aggressive tonal curve,’ and ultimately offers analog photographers a way to go ‘#nofilter’ while enjoying the dramatic look typically reserved for digital apps.

Below is a collection of sample images captured on LomoChrome Metropolis:

As the company has done repeatedly in the past, Lomography is launching the LomoChrome Metropolis film on Kickstarter, where interested buyers have the chance to back the product with pledges. Different pledge options are available, including 10 rolls of 35mm and/or 120 film for pledges of at lest $98 USD, five rolls of 110 film for at least $35 USD, 10 rolls of 110 film for at least $65 USD, among other options.

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