Lomography has announced it's bringing its recently released black and white Potsdam 100 Kino film to 120 medium format rolls.

The 120 rolls, which will be cut from the same sheets as the 35mm stock, which itself is 'cut from old stocks of a cinematic emulsion produced by a legendary German company.' In Lomography's own words, the 'B&W 100 120 Potsdam Kino Film combines gorgeous antiquated aesthetics with the quality and professional capabilities of medium format photography.'

Below is a gallery of images taken with the 35mm variant of Potsdam Kino Film. Lomography notes 'you can expect similar results' from the 120 variety since it's cut from the same jumbo.

The B&W 100 120 Potsdam Kino Film is available exclusively for pre-order on Lomography's online shop for $8.90 a roll and is expected to hit Lomography Gallery Stores in May 2019.