Two years after first introducing its ‘Night Mode’ image captures, Apple has made it possible to turn off the feature permanently.

In 2019, when Apple first introduced its then-new iPhone 11 smartphone lineup, the Cupertino company showed off a new low-light image capture method it dubbed ‘Night Mode.’ While this feature does help to improve the image quality in low-light environments, there are times when it can interfere with iPhone users intentionally trying to capture a low-key photograph.

Until now, turning off Night Mode was a slow and temporary one. If you were planning to shoot a low-key photograph without Night Mode, you would have to open up the Camera app and manually disable it after the iPhone detected the lack of light in the scene and automatically turned it on. While a tap or two isn’t necessarily a pain, it would reset every time you left the camera app, meaning you’d have to turn it back off every time you took a shot.

A Night Mode shot captured by DPReview's Rishi Sanyal for his deep dive comparison between the iPhone 11's Night Mode compared to the Pixel 3's Night Sight mode.

Now, as of the latest iOS 15 beta, it’s possible to permanently turn off the feature. To turn it off, you’ll need to go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings then toggle on the setting for Night Mode. This will ensure the next time you turn off Night Mode, it will stay off until you turn it back on.

It’s a small improvement, but one that could help shave off a few seconds of hassle if you intentionally take low-light images often. iOS 15 is currently in developer and public beta, and should be released for the general public next month alongside new iPhone models, if Apple sticks to its usual release schedule.