We know that iOS 7 is equipped with a number of new photocentric features, including a square format option. But will you be able to shoot slow motion videos with the new operating system? And, do you care?

As summer winds down, rumors about when and what Apple will announce in the coming weeks are heating up, especially after this morning's post by AllThingsD's Ina Fried. With a solid track record in these types of things, Fried reports that sources indicate Apple will announce its next generation iPhone on September 10. That's almost a year to the day after the iPhone 5 was launched (September 12, 2012). However, in the past, Apple hasn't followed the same type of predictable cycle that, for example, Adobe does with its software releases. But the iPhone 4S was announced in October, 2011, so a September 10th press event is pretty close.

Of course, there are many more questions than answers about the new iPhone, including whether or not Apple will offer a second, lower cost, plastic model currently dubbed the iPhone 5C. There is also speculation about a fingerprint reader, among other features.

Earlier this summer, Apple previewed iOS 7. As we noted in July, iOS 7 may offer slow motion video; you can read more about the new iOS 7 features here, as well. 

We'll have to wait until Apple unveils the new iPhone(s). Meanwhile, what's your wish list for the next iPhone and, if your wishes come true, are you ready to upgrade?