FilmConvert is gearing up to release Nitrate, the latest update to the popular film simulation plugin. Nitrate was first introduced back in April and earlier this month the company started tweeting a series of teasers ahead of the update’s arrival. On the heels of Nitrate’s launch is an ongoing FilmConvert sale offering 20 percent off all currently available software.

FilmConvert debuted in 2012, offering filmmakers a way to add simulated film colors and grain to videos. The plugin has since arrived for a large number of popular applications, including Avid Media Composer, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro x, and Photoshop on Mac.

The Nitrate update will introduce multiple new features into the mix, including Cineon Log versions of original film stock emulations, full custom curve control, and advanced film grain controls. With these new features, users will be able to, for example, individually adjust the grain in midtones, shadows, and highlights with the grain curve, design custom film stock, and adjust film stock contrast and saturation while retaining the authentic colors of that stock.

FilmConvert customers who purchased the plugin after April 6, 2019, will receive the Nitrate upgrade for free, but everyone else will be charged an unspecified upgrade fee. The update will first be available for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro on Mac and Windows followed by other platforms later this year. Neither the Photoshop nor desktop app plugins will receive the Nitrate update, however.

Nitrate is listed as ‘coming soon,’ but the precise launch date is unclear at this time.