Imaging Resource has announced it’s been acquired by Madavor Media, the publisher of several other print and digital photography-centric magazines.

Back in October 2019, Imaging Resource announced it would be shutting down its website in the near future. Not long after the announcement, four different groups came forward asking about acquisition possibilities. In an email shared with DPReview, Imaging Resource founder Dave Etchells said ‘After a lot of back and forth with all of them, one company rose to the fore, and will now in fact be the new corporate “home” of IR.’ That company is Madavor Media, a publishing company who also operates Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Digital Photo and HDVideoPro.

Etchells elaborated on the transition in his email to us saying:

‘My biggest concern in thinking about handing over IR to anyone else was that the site would continue to maintain the quality and objectivity we’ve been known for, for the past 22 years. I’m confident that Madavor will do that, and am happy to think that the brand I’ve worked so hard to create will continue into the future.’

As for what this transition means for Imaging Resource, Etchells notes the site will continue to focus on providing the same level of quality and integrity as before, with the same general content, including the still life lab shots, overviews, hands-on reports and field tests. Etchells will be stepping back from day-to-day operations, but will still be involved in the direction of the site as he continues to pursue intellectual property consulting and expert witness work. As we saw yesterday, he also plans to write up many more weather-resistance tests.

All in all, Etchells says ‘this is really great news that I’m so happy to share. Imaging Resource v2.0 will live on, I’ll get to stay involved with the industry and people I love, but will also finally get some concentrated time in my basement workshops’

Madavor Media Acquires Imaging Resource

Madavor Media, LLC announced today that it has acquired Imaging Resource, one of the most popular and trusted websites for camera and photography equipment reviews. The 22-year-old website, which has millions of loyal followers, will continue to operate utilizing its experienced staff and contributors.

The acquisition by Madavor will enable Imaging Resource seamlessly to continue its mission to provide the most comprehensive, independent news and reviews in the photography business.

Imaging Resource will operate under its existing brand, and founder Dave Etchells will maintain an ongoing presence within the company as editor emeritus. The camera review website will now join Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Digital Photo and HDVideoPro as part of the photography portfolio at Madavor and will enhance the company’s position as the dominant media company to connect with a wide range of photographers and videographers.

“We’re excited to welcome the engaged consumer base and advertisers that trust Imaging Resource and we believe the website’s in-depth expertise on cameras and other products will be a perfect complement to our other photo content,” said Madavor Chief Operating Officer Courtney Whitaker. “The opportunities for advertisers to achieve their marketing objectives will increase across all of our photo titles as well as some of our other publications such as BirdWatching and Plane & Pilot. We also anticipate the cross-promotion of content will be very beneficial to our readers, especially our newsletter subscribers.”

Imaging Resource was started in 1998 and has provided in-depth coverage, testing and reviews on new technology since that time from its Georgia headquarters. The company will continue to be based in Georgia, giving Madavor Media a new location as part of its nationwide operations.

“Part of my confidence in transferring the IR brand to Madavor is the level of quality they’ve consistently supported in all of their existing photo publications,” Dave Etchells said. “I was also struck by the excellent strategic fit between IR and Madavor’s existing respected photo publications and websites. Their loyal and passionate audiences enjoy timely award- winning content, which tends to be more focused on the art of photography than the gear. This is an element that I’ve always felt was missing from IR, but that we never had the resources to fill.”

About Madavor Media, LLC

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