A look inside active and abandoned cooling towers
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A look inside active and abandoned cooling towers

Belgian photographer Reginald Van de Velde has made a project of exploring the inner workings and mechanisms of some of Europe's awe-inspiring, dormant giants: cooling towers. His images document both active and decommissioned cooling towers, as well as towers slated for demolition.

The interiors of the towers yield astonishing vistas, and as they're abandoned he's able to enter explore them, document and admire them. In his imagery he searches for patterns, a sense of scale, repetition, and disruption, rendering landscapes within the massive structures.

'One thing that fascinates me extremely is the fact that not a single cooling tower is the same,' Van de Velde says. 'Each and every one of them has a unique interior design and build! They all look the same from the exterior, but with each visit to a new cooling tower I’m always surprised by a different interior, time and time again.'

To see more of Reginald’s work, visit his website or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.