Nat and Lo is a YouTube Channel that started out as a '20% project' within Google and has an objective to 'demystify the technology in our everyday lives.' Now the makers of the channel have published a video that was almost entirely shot with Google's recently announced Pixel high-end smartphone.

The Pixel comes with a A 6-element lens with F2.0 aperture, a 1/2.3" 12.3MP sensor with 1.55µm sized pixels, on-sensor phase detection with laser-assist and a gyroscope-based electronic video-stabilization system. The demo video shows off all of those capabilities and features, mixing 4K output of the front camera with 1080p Full HD footage from the front camera and some slow-motion sequences. A comparison shot shows the efficiency of the new video stabilization system and viewers can enjoy some nice still images and panorama shots of New York City. 

The video doesn't really show anything that we would not have seen before on various other mobile devices but gives a good overview of the Pixel's imaging capabilities. To judge for yourself watch the video at the top of this page and don't forget to flick on the 4K switch on YouTube.