Chinese lens manufacturer 7Artisans has introduced a new 35mm F5.6 E-mount lens designed specifically for drone photography.

The unusual-looking lens features an E-mount for full-frame Sony cameras and weighs just 49 grams. Its optical construction is specifically designed to reduce perspective distortion and minimize any vignetting around the edge of the image frame.

7Artisans also notes that the lens can be locked to infinity focus by using three screws to lock the lens into place. The below image is the only sample image 7Artisans has supplied.

7Artisan lenses can be purchased through B&H, but the 35mm F5.6 FE lens isn't yet posted on B&H and 7Artisans doesn't mention pricing or availability on its website (translated). We have contacted 7Artisans regarding these details and will update accordingly when and if we hear back.