Apple's mobile operating system has been able to shoot RAW images for a while now, but iOS 11 added broad support for raw formats from other cameras, opening up the door for new apps to leverage this ability and let you edit your professional camera's RAW photos on your phone or tablet. Enter RAW Power, an iOS app designed by Nik Bhatt, founder of Gentlemen Coders, who was a lead developer for Apple's Aperture and iPhoto.

With RAW Power, iPhone and iPad owners can use their devices to edit any raw file supported by iOS 11... and that list is long and comprehensive.

As Apple details on its support site, iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra both support raw image formats from dozens of cameras from multiple makers including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, and others. RAW Power presents a way to edit those images via iOS 11, offering features like white balance, sharpen, curves, and others that can't be found in Apple's own Photos app.

Plus, since it's hooked up to iCloud, edits can be synced across devices so you can start editing on mobile and pick that up later on your desktop, or visa versa—as long as you have iCloud photo library enabled, that is.

According to the app's devs, RAW Power also offers a Depth Effect feature designed specifically for photos taken with a dual-camera iPhone model. And Apple users who also have a Mac can edit the same image between both platforms via the RAW Power macOS extension.

RAW Power is currently available through iTunes for free, though users who want access to the depth, advanced curves and white balance tools will need to unlock them with a $10 payment. To find out more about the RAW Power app, head over to the Gentlemen Coders website or download it from the iTunes App Store.