Sensor manufacturer OmniVision has created what has now been confirmed as the smallest commercially-available image sensor in the world by Guinness World Record.

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The OmniVision OV6948 is an ultra-compact 1/36-inch backside-illuminated sensor that measures just 0.575mm x 0.575mm. The sensor, designed specifically for medical applications, features a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels, a 120-degree field of view, a 30 fps framerate and 1.75 µm pixels.

It works hand-in-hand with Omnivision’s OVM6948 CameraCubeChip, a ‘fully packaged, wafer-level camera module measuring [0.65mm x 0.65mm x 1.158mm],’ to open up a whole new realm of medical imaging capabilities thanks to its compact form factor and low-light capabilities thanks to Omnivision’s OmniBSI technology.

The OVM6948 CameraCubeChip next to a black peppercorn.

In a statement to Engadget, OmniVision Marketing Director Aaron Chiang says the camera module ‘offers a compact, high quality solution for disposable guidewires, catheters and endoscopes, which are experiencing growing demand because of their ability to reduce cross-contamination risks, downtime inefficiencies and costs associated with the repairs, preprocedural testing and sterilization of reusable endoscopes.’

This particular sensor might not have a practical purpose in the world of photography as we’re accustomed to here on DPReview, but it’s a glimpse into the reality of just how small camera sensors can get when technology is pushed to the limits.

Image credit: Photos provided by OmniVision