Alongside the X-T200, Fujifilm has announced the Fujinon XC 35mm F2 lens. For those of you not familiar with Fujifilm's lens names, the 'XC' denotes the company's more affordable optics.

The XC 35mm F2 should pair nicely with Fujifilm's lower-cost models, such as the X-T200 and X-T30

The XC 35mm F2 is essentially a rehoused version of the XF 35mm F2 R WR. It has a plastic mount and less-solid-feeling construction, and features neither an aperture ring nor weather sealing (the 'R' and 'WR' in the XF version's name, respectively). However, it does feature the same optics as the XF version, so image quality should be comparable.

The difference is that this brings the XC down to a price of $199. The result is a much more affordable 50mm-equivalent lens for newcomers wanting to expand their photography with a prime lens. In this sense, it's like the 'nifty fifty' lenses traditionally available for most DSLR systems, but in a focal length nicely suited to APS-C users.

Press Statement

[From Fujifilm's X-T200 Press Release]

For those interested in expanding their X-T200 tool kit, the new FUJINON XC35mmF2 lens gives an equivalent to 52mm field of view on 35mm format. Weighing just 130g and measuring 46.5mm in length, this new prime lens has nine elements, including two aspherical lens elements in six groups, which work to produce sharp and crisp images with creamy bokeh. AF operation is quick and near silent thanks to the use of an internal focus system and a stepping motor, which is used to drive the focusing elements quickly and accurately.

XC35mmF2 lens: $199 USD ($259.99 CAD)